Who are we?

We are Juva Santé

An independent French laboratory founded over 30 years ago. We are experts in beauty, health and personal care products and accessible natural health remedies with the brands Laboratoires Juvamine, Laboratoires Mercurochrome, Intimy and Marie-Rose.

We bring a new vision of healthcare, responsible health, where each person is actively involved in their own health and plays a role in its preservation. At Juva Santé, we are convinced that to be healthy, you first have to be health-conscious.

Taking care of yourself every day is a challenge.

To make it easier for everyone, we anticipate new behaviours and tomorrow’s health needs, and offer cutting-edge technological solutions that are easy to use and accessible to all.

Made in Forbach

We are located in France and control the entire value creation chain: from development to production and distribution. Our brands are present in France and abroad, where each product offering is tailored to the specific needs of the local area.

Our values

Our 350 employees are driven by creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to surpass themselves.
Inspired by pride in our brands and our history, we have stayed unique and true to our values.

Urgo Group

We are part of a French family group, the Urgo group, with whom we share our values ​​by putting entrepreneurship at the heart of our business.

Learn more about the group at www.urgo-group.fr