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Recruitment process

With us, the recruitment procedures are short and structured, and decisions are made quickly!

First, when you apply for a job at a Juva Santé company, we are committed to giving you an answer, whether negative or positive

If your application has caught our attention, a member of the Human Resources team will contact you by phone in order to confirm that your profile and motivation line up with the skills sought for the position.

A meeting with a member of the Human Resources team follows, then with your potential manager. The two meetings usually take place one after the other.

According to the job requirements, a 3rd interview may be arranged with the future line manager.

Shortly after these phases, you will soon receive an answer or a job offer.


Are you looking for an internship that lets you refine your career choices and train for a profession? Whatever route you choose and whatever career plans you have, you will benefit from quality support.
We are committed to guiding, training and supporting our interns in learning about their business areas and the corporate world, at every stage of the learning process, so they have a positive and constructive experience.

Our trainees are Happy!

We are “Happy Trainees” certified through the Urgo group! Created in 2012, Happy Trainees is a participatory employer label that rewards businesses for their intern-friendly policies.

So don’t hesitate, join our Happy trainees!