Quality at the center of our concerns

At Juva Santé, quality is above all about teamwork.

For us, the quality of a product or service is directly linked to the investment and involvement of every player in the chain.
In short, quality is everyone’s business.

And we are convinced that the quality of our products continues to be the foundation of our reputation and our brands’ enduring success for more than 30 years.

How do we ensure the quality and safety of our products?

Quality control involves multiple checks at the various stages of the chain, in order to determine the risk points according to the product and its composition.

It starts with strict analyses of our raw materials to check their conformity before use.

Regular checks are performed during the manufacturing process, all the way until the products are delivered to our customers. Quality control is part of a very precise and standardised process in accordance with French and European regulations.

Beyond all these checks, we take a constantly proactive approach by seeking to anticipate risks and regulatory changes.

In the interest of excellence, we are committed to a process of continuous improvement designed to fit in naturally with everyone’s work and daily activities. To help us, we rely on different quality standards depending on the products manufactured. These standards allow us to establish specifications for products, services and systems in order to ensure safety and performance.  As part of this process, we are audited annually.

What makes our approach to quality unique?

We are actively involved in professional organisations in order to anticipate and be actively involved in regulatory developments. We have a voluntary process in place to exclude certain substances from our products before it becomes mandatory.

For example, we worked very early on at removing titanium dioxide from our formulas and we systematically favour natural ingredients when possible.

The products are tested, tasted and tried out by employees before being put on the market. An internal panel has been created on a voluntary basis and is consulted when a new product is developed or reformulated.

Working transversally across the various departments is the key to improvement for us.

That’s why we share the same goals, the same requirements to strive for excellence. We believe that everyone, at their own level, has the ability to change things and must be proactive.

We consider that problems encountered, obstacles and changes are learning opportunities. We have the courage to admit our weaknesses in a process so we can identify areas requiring vigilance and turn them into strengths.