Our certifications

Our products are manufactured according to strict standards guaranteed by several independent certifications and recognised according to international standard frameworks.

Our certifications are at once a guarantee of quality for our customers and our consumers, and above all a framework for us to carry on improving our global system.

Environment and safety

We are committed to keeping our employees safe and managing our environmental impacts.

ISO 14001

For the environment

Objective:   to protect the environment by managing the environmental impacts of the site’s activity and improving its environmental performance.

OHSAS 18001

For our employees

Objective:   to help us better protect the health and safety of our employees.


These certifications allow us to offer organic products to our consumers.

BIO organic certification

For our organic products

Objectif : garantir que nos produits Bio sont issus de l’agriculture biologique et sont fabriqués selon des règles strictes dont l’objectif est le respect de l’environnement, du bien-être animal et de la biodiversité.

GOTS certification

For certain products

Objective: to guarantee the organic status of the textile fibres we use, and to ensure that from production of raw materials to the finished article, the production processes used are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.


The quality and safety of our products are a priority.

ISO 13485

For our medical devices

Objective: to meet the standards of the medical device industry. This certification allows us to develop, manufacture and store our medical device-type products


For our food products

Objective : to guarantee the safety and quality of food products. The International Food Standard is a unique and globally recognised standard that applies to all stages of food processing

ISO 9001

For our customers and consumers

Objective: to put customer and consumer satisfaction at the heart of our business, and to take a systematic, process-based management approach in order to achieve continuous improvement in meeting customer expectations.