Communication Officer Intern

Why did you apply to Laboratoires Juva Santé?I applied for the Laboratoires Juva Santé for the missions. My internship offered the opportunity to work on several aspects of communication : press relation or even internal communication.What I found interesting was to be able to work on different brands at the same time, each brand  having its specificitiess and a different notoriety.I also chose the Laboratoires Juva Santé for its structure and stability.
Why would you recommend an internship with us?I would recommend an internship here because the work environment is kind and the collaborators are available to answer our questions. The internship is very formative and offers a great diversity of missions. This gives a global vision of communication. One has autonomy and there is a genuine willingness to transmit!
To which product would you identify with, and why? I identify with the « Juvamine BOOST » to crunch because it is one of the very first products I tested when I arrived and I love its red fruits taste.