Justine FRECHE

Assistant Financial Controller Intern then Management Controller (CDD)

Why did you apply to Laboratoires Juva Santé?Because the missions seemed very interesting to me and were in line with my learning goals in financial control.The Happy Trainee label also caught me. It is a company that has strong values and in which I found myself.The brands have a great reputation on the market and I think that it is ideal to make one’s weapons and to value one’s experience!
Why would you recommend an internship with us?I would say for the same reasons that motivated me to apply. First, there are evolution perspectives within the Urgo group but also the values of a family business, which are reflected by a certain degree of proximity with the management and with our superiors. This is very much appreciated.As far as the Financial Control is concerned, it is a closed-knit, dynamic and skilled team which has been able to challenge me on a daily basis et give me the keys to succeed in various missions in a fulfilling work environment.
To which product would you identify with, and why? I would say the Ricqlès’ « alcool de menthe » because I am Justine « Freche »!